MIL-TEC by STURM M10 Gasmask med filter och väska

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En M10 gasmask och medföljande filter och väska till ett riktigt bra pris.

The Czechoslovakian M10 is heavily inspired by the M17, but has many clear differences. The exhale system is different, having a metal housing with the exhale pointing directly outwards. Instead of the M17 style exhale, where the valve is covered by rubber and forced out through the bottom of the housing. The filter openings are larger and threaded. The head harness varies as the M10 head harness is made of a thicker grey elastic fabric with a rubber head pad and large rubber pull tabs. The M17's outserts have been found to fit with M10, but are noticeably smaller, and the filters are not interchangeable between the masks. Due to the different inhale sizes, and cap attachments. The M10 mask was used by both Czechoslovakia and East Germany.

The  M10 gas mask helps to protect the face, eyes and respiratory system against chemicals and radioactive and biological warfare agents that are used in the form of gases, vapors, aerosols, etc. Includes spare goggles and filter. Note: Though these gas masks and filters may function as intended, they have likely exceeded their expiration dates and should be used at your own risk.

- Protective eye lenses

- Full-face coverage with dual eye-openings for a clear view

- Adjustable rubber straps to fit an adult head

- Includes filter, spare goggles